Student Academic Climate Advocacy Toolkit

A resource for students interested in advocating for more climate change and climate justice content throughout their academic experiences at UBC.

Project Lead: Pablo Akira Beimler

The goal that guides the academic advocacy work of the UBC Climate Hub is for every undergraduate student to understand and engage with climate change and climate justice in the coursework and/or applied projects of their degree program. Through guidebooks, workshops, and other resources, the UBC Climate Hub is here to support students’ academic climate advocacy.

RESOURCE 1: Advocating for Climate Content Throughout Campus Curricula
A significant body of informal student-led advocacy exists and this work gives voice to students in the teaching and learning process and can produce immediate changes to teaching content. The abundance of these efforts or interest in leading these efforts inspired the writing of our first resource of the Student Academic Climate Advocacy Toolkit: a guide for UBC students called Advocating for Climate Content Throughout Campus Curricula.

RESOURCE 2: Advocate for the Climate Teaching Connector with Course Instructors
Ready to make an ask of a course instructor to weave more climate change and climate justice content in their course? We have provided email templates that you can copy, paste, modify, and send to course instructors to advocate for the Climate Teaching Connector, a new Climate Hub and the UBC Sustainability Initiative program to connect course instructors with climate experts from the UBC community who can deliver guest lectures on climate change and climate justice content.

E-mail templates:

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These are living documents and we invite you to share your tips and stories with us to better capture the range of efforts and learnings that exist.

If you have questions or would like to connect with us about academic climate advocacy, reach out to our Academic Engagement Lead, Pablo Akira Beimler, at [email protected].