Climate Teaching Connector

Integrating climate-related content by connecting UBC course instructors with climate experts from the UBC community.

Project Lead: Pablo Akira Beimler
Partners: UBC Sustainability Initiative

The UBC Climate Hub and the UBC Sustainability Initiative are partnering to launch a pilot project to bring about greater integration of climate change and climate justice content throughout courses across departments starting this fall. 

The resource is hosted on the USI website ( Course instructors are encouraged to use this website to connect and collaborate with climate experts from across the UBC campus who can share their unique expertise with the instructor’s students as guest lecturers.

Questions? Email the project lead, UBC Climate Hub’s Pablo Akira Beimler, at [email protected].

List of Participating Courses (as of January 5, 2021)

Course Name Status Climate Expert
Winter Term 1 – 2020/21
Biol 121: Genetics, Evolution, Ecology Completed Balsher Singh Sidhu
SPPH 381B: Engendering Health for All through Self-Care and Sustainability Completed Aubree McAtee
EDST 401: Education, School, and Social Institutions Completed Aubree McAtee
ENGR 499: Engineering Capstone Design Project Completed Nigel Deans
PLAN 331: The Just City in a Divided World Completed Sara Cannon
EDCP352: General Science – Secondary: Curriculum and Pedagogy Completed Colin Rowell
ENVR 448A: Socio-Ecological Systems Research Completed Don Shafer
Moscrop Secondary School Teacher Workshop Completed Imranul Laskar
Winter Term 2 – 2020/21
ASIC 220: Intro to Sustainability Upcoming Sadia Ishaq
ENDS211/DES130: Intro to Environmental Design Upcoming Andrea Hoff
ISCI 360: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability Upcoming Jenalee Kluttz
SOCI 420: Sociology of the Environment Upcoming Kevin McCartney
VISA 362P: Advanced Practice in Photography Upcoming Yuhao Lu
ENPH459/479: Senior EngPhys Capstone Project Upcoming Farrukh Chishtie
ENVE202: Environmental Engineering Science Upcoming Imranul Laskar
FRST 495: Biological Diversity and Forest Management Upcoming Balsher Singh Sidhu

Interested in being a climate expert for the Climate Teaching Connector?

This year’s cohort has been finalized.

Thank you to all those who applied for this year’s cohort. Stay tuned for future application calls as we look to include a broader community of climate experts in the coming years. We hope to open the next round of applications in Spring 2021.