Climate Hub 2021-2022 Annual Report

Take a look back on the fourth year of the Hub with us!


Through the beautiful power of cooperation, we have been able to reach hundreds of students, staff, and faculty on both UBC campuses, as well as members and stakeholders from across the wider community. Together we explored and engaged issues of racial justice, climate justice, decolonizing systems, advancing fossil fuel divestment, climate anxiety and grief, food justice, housing justice, just energy transition and more.

We are called the Climate Hub, but we exist in an exquisite interconnected and interdependent network of many community and partner “hubs” that are advancing climate solutions, organizing for change, and taking meaningful action to bring just, equitable and resilient futures into being. The invaluable partnerships of this last year have allowed us to keep pushing beyond notions of individualism to continue embracing the importance of the collective. We are humbled and invigorated to continue building partnerships rooted in a love for community and climate justice.

Thank you to the Sustainability Hub, Climate Emergency Response team, the wider Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability Community family (CCEL, C+CP, UBC Wellbeing), and the AMS, whom we have had the honour of closely organizing alongside to build climate action momentum. We would also like to extend thanks and gratitude to the many community partners we’ve had the fortune of working with this past year, whom you can find in this report. 

Thank you to the mentors, researchers, and students of the Climate Justice Research Collaborative, the speakers of the Climate Solutions Showcase, the climate experts of the Climate Teaching Connector, the facilitators and participants of the Youth Climate Ambassadors Project, the artists of the Climate Creative Collective, and participants of our Wellbeing workshops. 

Lastly, thank you to all the individuals who engaged with the Climate Hub’s work this year, you are the hub!

Read our Fourth Annual Report

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