Building hopeful community through action on climate change

The UBC Climate Hub is a student-led university-wide initiative that aims to connect and empower university and community stakeholders to take bold climate action for a just future.

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UBC Climate Emergency

We believe UBC can help facilitate the transformational social change needed to address the climate crisis. Collectively, we can shape UBC's climate emergency response.

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💚 Climate Hub Fifth Annual Report 💚

Reflecting on our 5th annual report, we see how the most powerful and generative climate work is deeply collaborative, justice-focused and care-based. We also recognize how the scope, scale and impact of our work have been made possible by the groundswells of student organizing and advocacy before us. Over the last 5 years, Climate Hub has directly supported student leadership, creativity and organizing to connect with over 15,000 students on climate issues, create 150+ climate-focused student job opportunities and collaborate with more than 100 community partners. Beyond numbers, we have nurtured space for shared trust and vulnerability. Built relationships with students and youth through sharing climate fears as well as joy and laughter amid the beauty of collaborative organizing for more just communities and futures. Numbers and stats alone can not meaningfully capture this kind of deep, life- affirming climate work. It is this deep work Climate Hub continues to lean into.

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