UBC Climate Emergency

In response to intensive community advocacy, UBC has sounded the alarm bell in declaring a climate emergency. We must continue to shape its response. How can our institution rise to directly face the climate crisis?


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The foundations of the climate emergency.


The Science of Climate Change

Building a foundation: greenhouse gases, feedback loops, tipping points, carbon budgets, natural and human impacts and more in Climate Science 101.


Why Is This An Emergency?

What challenges do we face? Who is responsible? Are current global commitments adequate? What impacts might we feel locally? Read more in Climate Crisis 101.


Climate Change and Social Justice

Why is climate change an issue of social justice? What are the some of the root causes of the problems we face? Will everyone feel the impacts equally? How must we approach the process of addressing these issues? Read more in Climate Justice 101.


What Can UBC Do to Respond?

How can UBC support people and communities taking action? How can UBC take action as a public academic institution? Read more in UBC Role 101.


For more information, visit www.climateemergency.ubc.ca.

Process Update

Input from the individual survey and in-person events was summarized in an interim engagement report presented to the UBC Board of Governors in June 2020.

read the interim report!

Why is this important to us?

We believe UBC can help facilitate the transformational social change needed to address the climate crisis. As a student-driven initiative funded by the UBC administration, we’re committed to supporting community advocacy for climate justice, and bringing communities into this process. UBC’s Climate Emergency Response must match the scale, urgency and complexity of the climate crisis. 

This work is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates!