Climate Hub 2019-2020 Annual Report

Our second year was a pivotal one!  Explore what we achieved!

Collage by Rohina Dass.

In its second year, the Climate Hub formally launched the Youth Climate Ambassador Project and hosting the first undergraduate cohort of the new Climate Justice Research Collaborative. We hosted our second annual Climate Solutions Showcase, focusing on civic engagement as a climate solution, and helped support a variety of student-led projects focusing on climate justice and systemic change. Alongside this, we provided extensive support in launching UBC’s Climate Emergency Declaration, and helped lead the community engagement process that followed.

Of course, amid it all, COVID-19 had a profound impact on our work. Following the onset of the COVID-19 public health emergency in March 2020, we redoubled efforts to support community wellbeing while creatively adapting our initiatives for online delivery. Following numerous community calls to action to support Indigenous Sovereignty, address systemic racism, and advance racial justice, we are called to reflect and renew our commitments to act. The importance of addressing compounding societal crises makes it clear: we must avoid compartmentalizing our efforts towards justice into racial justice and climate justice and instead tackle the parallel root causes.

Amid this change and uncertainty, we’re still seeing huge success in our model spreading hope and agency, building joyful community and embracing systems-level change to advance climate justice. Crafting our second annual report has been a chance to reflect on the past year, what we’ve learned, what we’ve achieved, and what we have yet to explore. We’re excited to share!

We are profoundly grateful to the students, staff, professors, community members, and UBC executives who continue to support our vision through time, advice, resources, and more. This support makes our work possible. We can’t wait to show you what we’re going to do next. Join us!

Download the Report

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