Climate Justice Research Collaborative

The CJRC is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to collaborate on interdisciplinary research projects focused on climate change and climate justice. These projects are undertaken with the supervision of faculty and the mentorship of graduate students. Students receive course credit for their participation.

CJRC callouts for undergraduate students are now OPEN! Students can connect with the CJRC application survey here.

23/24 Project Lead: Maddy Laurendeau

The vision for the CJRC was developed by students and staff from the UBC Climate Hub, with support from faculty members from Arts, Applied Sciences, Land and Food Systems, Education, Forestry and the Sauder School of Business.

The main goal of this project is to create new opportunities for undergraduate students to collaborate on in-depth, interdisciplinary research projects focused on climate change and climate justice. These projects have the potential to support community-led efforts to adapt to life in a changing climate and contribute to the existing understanding of the climate crisis.

Addressing the climate crisis requires collaborative, interdisciplinary action grounded in climate justice principles and values. It also requires the engagement of every sector of society. Increasing the number of students leaving UBC with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to take action through a climate justice lens has never been more important.

This CJRC research initiative fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between groups of undergraduate students. Each annual CJRC intake accepts 20 – 25 undergraduate students that work in pods of 3 – 5. These pods conduct research into a climate-focused topic that is co-identified with a community partner and supported by a UBC faculty member. Students are also supported in identifying partners and research topics from their own communities, whether from the Global North or the Global South.

CJRC students work to develop community partnerships during Term 1 of the Winter Semester (September – December). The research component takes place and is completed over the course of Term 2 (January – April).

CJRC project coordination and support are provided by graduate student mentors (GAAs), who work together to develop and deliver seminar-style workshops throughout the winter term to support undergraduate skill-building. Workshops cover key concepts such as climate justice principles, research methods, project planning and more, such as the need to identify clear research questions, methodologies and project scope. Mentors also provide one-on-one guidance and support to undergraduate students throughout the project.

Past Partners: Faculties of Arts, Land and Food Systems, Forestry, Applied Science, Education and the UBC Sauder School of Business, EOAS, Mountain Protectors, Centre for Climate Justice/Tenant Resource and Advisory BC

Attendees during a panel discussion at the 2018 Climate Solutions Showcase.

Research projects for the 2022 cohort are currently underway. Stay tuned for updates and final projects on our website!

We would like to thank the generous support of UBC’s Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation for funding this program through their Program for Undergraduate Research Experience