A Method to ‘Madness’: The Need for Psychiatric Abolition Within the Climate Justice Movement

  • Authors: Anna Mylvaganam, Sarah Day, Lucy Wicken
  • Faculty Supervisor: Bathseba Opini
  • Year: Fall 2021

Psychiatric abolition is a social movement that needs to be considered and integrated into climate justice principles and calls to action — how can we build coalitions and solidarity between climate justice and psychiatric abolition movements, and what are some effective tactics? Within this research question, we explored how the psychiatric carceral system relates to climate justice, including the history of the psychiatric abolition movement in Canada and locally, frameworks of community care that have been created through/alongside psychiatric abolition, ableism within the climate movement and its effects. We also explore the obligation of climate justice advocates to include principles of disability and restorative justice in their work, map out opportunities for coalition and solidarity, and what this may look like.

What is the landscape of the psychiatric abolition movement and the climate movement in our local context? How is disability created by climate change? What principles of transformative justice can we learn from psychiatric abolition and apply to climate organizing?

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