Climate Hub 2020-2021 Annual Report

Third year’s the charm — celebrate our achievements with us!

The UBC Climate Hub is beyond grateful for the community that made our work possible this year. We’re not a hub without a greater community around us to engage with and learn from. This year was challenging, isolating, and every other descriptor typically applied to the pandemic– especially for a climate organization, where the nature of our work is so dependent on connections to people and physical place. We’re grateful for everyone we could connect with on our migration to the virtual world. This year reinforced for us the importance of a resilient community for weathering crises– the pandemic and climate crisis alike. 

Thank you to all our campus partners at UBC. 

Our partners off-campus are too many to name but include all the organizations listed in this report and more. Special thanks to the brilliant new leaders at the new Ridge Meadows and Okanagan Valley Climate Hubs, both of which we’re excited to keep working with in the future.

Thank you to all the mentors and researchers in the Climate Justice Research Collaborative, who added bold and creative works to the climate justice research canon this year.

Thank you to the climate experts who joined the Climate Teaching Connector program and instructors that welcomed them into classrooms, highlighting our conviction that climate change interconnects with everything. 

Lastly, thanks to all the individuals who engaged with the Hub’s work this year, whether through sharing their knowledge and passion as speakers, or attending our Climate Solutions Showcase, Climate Creatives Series, Wellbeing workshops, or YCAP workshops. Thank you to the folks who shared our work with their networks, and those who tuned in on Instagram Live. Thank you to everyone who joined us in conversation at a weekly community chat. Your support and engagement sustain this group. You are the Hub!

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