An update on the Climate Hub team:

Adriana Laurent will be moving on from her role as Climate Hub Projects Administrator as of August 31st, 2021. We are grateful for her commitment and dedication to this role over the last two years, and before that as a Co-founder of the Climate Hub. While a major transition for our small team, the regular renewal is an important part of the Climate Hub model, as we strive to create a dynamic and accessible platform for youth leadership on climate justice.

The Projects Administrator is responsible for the annual Climate Solutions Showcase and the Climate Justice Research Collaborative Program, is accountable to the Hub’s student leadership, and reports to the leadership of our host unit within UBC, the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI). A selection committee will conduct interviews in early to mid-October.

A brief message from Adriana:

It has been truly amazing to work for the Climate Hub for the last two years. It was an incredible process to be involved with the Hub back when it was just a bold idea all the way up to wrapping up our pilot phase. 

The most exciting part of my role was to work with and alongside students. It’s been a beautiful experience to be able to build community with other youth who understand the systemic injustices that have accelerated the climate crisis.

Although the core parts of my work can be seen in the job description, I would say the biggest chunk of my time was spent advocating for justice, for youth, and for our collective future. The hard work of building a better future while we hold institutions, government, and corporations accountable is still ongoing but working for the Hub has taught me the immense value of hope, joy, and community in the process.

It was a hard decision to leave but I know I’ll still have the Climate Hub community. I’m looking forward to my next chapter where I will continue advocating for climate justice and collective liberation. I’m excited to see how the Climate Hub evolves and will continue to support this incredible community beyond my time at UBC.